CEED Mock Exam

This year one part of the exam is to be held as a Computer Based Test (CBT).  Candidates can make themselves familiar and get used to the interface in a simulated web based test. This web based interface is nearly identical in format, look, and feel to the actual exam to be conducted on 25 November 2012. Candidates are encouraged to practise with this interface as many times as they wish, and become familiar with it so that they spend less time on the day of the exam on understanding the interface, and concentrate more on answering the questions.

  1. Please read the instructions given after you login as Guest, and familiarise with it thoroughly, you may also take a screenshot print out of it to read it at leisure.
  2. The mock test is only representative.  The actual questions that appear in the exam can be very different.
  3. The marks shown against each question, and the negative marks for each of them is only representative.  The final exam can have a different marking scheme.
  4. The “Candidate” and Photograph Image that appears on the top right corner of the screen in the Mock Test will be replaced by the name of the candidate, and their photograph that will be taken on the day of the exam during biometric registration process.

Mock Assessment Link