Application Procedure


The following TWO steps are necessary to complete your ONLINE Application.

STEP I : Registration

  1. On the online application website you have to first Register yourself, if you have not done before this year.
  2. For registration, you need to provide a valid email address and a mobile number you wish to use for CEED related communications.  Please choose these two carefully, as all the communication to you from CEED office will be through email and SMS notifications.
  3. A link will be sent to your email address to validate it, and the password will be sent to your mobile through an SMS.
  4. When you click on the emailed link you will be provided with a login screen, where you have to enter the password (sent by SMS).  On successful login you will be provided an application form to fill in.
  5. If you are unable to login, or if at anytime you notice you have made a mistake in either the email ID or mobile number, you can start the process afresh from Step 1.

STEP II : Filling of Application Form ONLINE

  1. Read ‘Instructions for filling Application Form’ given on Application Homepage.
  2. Application form is has two stages
    1. Providing Basic Data
    2. Fee payment
  3. Before Clicking on ‘Submit’, you must check that all the information filled by you is correct, as you cannot edit the form after clicking this button.
  4. Do not keep the page idle for more than 30 minutes, otherwise the session will expire.

Providing Basic data

  1. In the ONLINE application web page, login with the registered email address and password.
  2. Enter your personal details and pick an exam city of your choice.
  3. You must upload a file containing a professionally taken photograph (see details given separately) and an image file of your signature (both have to be in JPEG file format).
  4. Upload scanned copies of additional supporting documents (Degree certificate/Marksheet, Birth Category/Physical disability certificate, etc.) in PDF file format.
  5. You can “Save” the data anytime, logout, and login back again to continue the application process to make the final “Submit” before the last date.
  6. The application is not completed until the fee payment is made.

Modes of Fee Payment

  1. In the application form page, you have to go to the  button to choose your mode of fee payment.
  2. Two options are available
    1. Online payment (instantaneous: confirmation within a few minutes)
    2. e-Collect NEFT payment (delayed: confirmation in a few hours to one working day)
  3. Choosing Online payment will automatically give you a list of banks from where you can make an online payment.  Choose a bank  where you have an online account (also called as net banking account). Note: Credit cards and Debit cards are not allowed.
    1. You have to login to your bank’s netbank
    2. Confirm the payment shown
    3. Do not press “Reload”, “Refresh”, “Back”, or “Delete Window” buttons until you window comes back to CEED 2013 screen.
    4. If the payment is successful, you will come back to CEED 2013 screen.
    5. This payment typically takes about 5 minutes, and you will get a confirmation if it was successful.
    6. If the payment was not successful (for reasons such as your power supply or internet connection failed in the process, etc.), you will get an intimation by email.  In such cases, you may have to initiate a fresh payment and any money taken from your account earlier will be put back in one or two working days.
  4. e-Collect NEFT payment means you have several options to pay, but the payment confirmation can take from about two hours to up to one working day.
    1. If you select this payment option, you will be provided an unique account number and a bank NEFT IFSC code to which you can transfer the fee amount.
    2. The transfer options are several
      1. You will be provided a chalan to print
        1. This chalan will have the unique account number and the IFSC code printed on it.
        2. Take the chalan to ANY physical local branch of a bank you have an account with.
        3. Fill your branch account number and give it to the teller.
        4. The teller will transfer the money by NEFT.
        5. The bank will give you a confirmation number known as UTR number.  Keep this safely for your reference.
    3. After you get the UTR number (from your netbank or your local branch), you can login to CEED 2013 application website, and enter it there.
  5. After you complete the online payment or chosen the e-collect option, you will be provided an option to print the application you filled in.  This is for your reference  for only.  You MUST NOT send this to the CEED office unless it is asked for specifically some special purpose.

Application Fee Amount

Women Applicants

This year we are happy to announce that women applicants will be exempted from the non-refundable application fee.

Fee and Charges

The Fee amount and applicable bank charges for various categories are as under (all amounts are in Rupees).  The bank charges shown here are only indicative. Various banks may charge slightly more or less, and include an appropriate tax.  Please check with your bank for the exact amount.  For online transactions, the exact amount will be displayed by the bank after you login to internet banking, before confirming.

Category Non-refundable Application fee Bank Charges Total
Men (General) 1500 Online: 10; NEFT: 2.5 Online: 1510;  NEFT: 1502.5
Men (SC/ST/PD) 750 Online: 10; NEFT: 2.5 Online: 760; NEFT: 752.5
Women (All Categories) Application Fee has been exempted 0 0

Applicant Photograph and Signature

  1. Applicant’s photograph must be professionally taken in a studio in a white background.  Please ask the studio to provide you a copy of the photograph in a JPEG format.
  2. The photograph must be of the size (in a 4:3 ratio of  height:width)
    1. 640 x 480 pixels maximum
    2. 320 x 240 pixels minimum
  3. Photographs must be recent and been taken after April 2012.
  4. Photographs taken in poor light, blurred, dark background, or through mobile phones are not acceptable.
  5. Applicant’s signature must also be photographed or scanned by professional studios, and not by mobile phones.
  6. Please read the detailed instructions for sample photographs.

Supporting Documents

All documents must be uploaded online.  For scanning the documents please use the following setting

  1. Resolution: 200 dpi
  2. Color mode: 256 colors
  3. File format: PDF or JPEG


First, please check if you are eligible.  You must have one of the documents to prove you are eligible:

Qualifying Year is 2012 or Before Qualifying Year is 2013, before July 2013 Qualifying Year is 2014 or Later
 Degree Certificate / Provisional Certificate / Course Completion Certificate Any pre-final year marksheet or Principal Certificate for CEED 2013 Not Eligible

Category Proof

A valid category proof is required to establish your birth category.  This is required to qualify a reduced fee, where applicable, and to determine cut-off marks for evaluation of Part-B.  Please do not provide your birth certificate as proof. Only the following are acceptable.

Authorities empowered to issue OBC-NC/SC/ST Certificates :

  1. District Magistrate/ Additional District Magistrate/ Collector/ Deputy Collector/ Deputy Commissioner/ Additional Deputy Commissioner/ 1st Class Stipendiary Magistrate/ City Magistrate/ Sub-Divisional Magistrate/ Taluk Magistrate/ Executive Magistrate/ Extra Assistant Commissioner.
  2. Chief Presidency Magistrate/ Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate/ Presidency Magistrate
  3. Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tashildar
  4. Sub-Divisional Officer of the area where the Candidate and/or her/his family normally resides
  5. Administrator/ Secretary to Administrator/ Development Officer (Lakshadweep Islands)

Certificate issued by any other official will not be accepted. Sample certificate format are available.

OBC-NC (Non-Creamy Layer) Note

  1. OBC applicants not having a valid NC (“non-creamy layer”) certificate will be considered along with General category.
  2. The OBC-NC certificate must have the current year’s validity.  Since this changes from time to time, certificates obtained for any previous years will not be accepted as valid.  The certificate must be dated in the current calendar year.
  3. OBC Applicants who are not in the NC category at the time of application, but come under the NC category at a later date, may submit a certificate no later than 1 Dec 2012.

PD Category:

In order to avail concession under PD category, the candidates should ensure themselves that they have attached recently obtained proper PD certificate, which shall be required to be submitted to the admitting institution at the time of admission. The onus of verifying PD certificate lies with the admitting institute. The CEED committee will not be responsible for any incorrect declaration of applicant’s PD status.

Online Application

Please keep ready, photographs and documents for upload and,