Legitimate Email Marked Spam

The GATE Online Applicant Interface will send a few mails to the applicants on important information related to the GATE examination.  It is necessary that mails sent from this account are not marked as spam by your email service provider.  Please follow these instructions to enable it.

  1. Find out where SPAM (or Junk) messages are stored by your email client (eg, Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.)
  2. Search for messages coming from “Non Reply GATE 2013″ <noreply@iitb.ac.in>.
  3. Mark them as “Not Spam” or “Not Junk”.
  4. If possible, mark them as Important

This will ensure that in future mails from this account will be shown in your INBOX and will not go to the SPAM folder.

Specific Instructions

Here we provide links that show how to set it up for some common email clients:

  1. Gmail: Legitimate mail is marked as spam
  2. Gmail: Important and Priority Inbox
  3. Yahoo: Using SpamGuard
  4. Windows Live (Hotmail): Wait, that’s not junk
  5. Windows Live (Hotmail): Keep important email on top