Department of Chemistry


The Department of Chemistry offers academic programmes leading to M.Sc. (2-year, post-B.Sc.), Integrated M. Sc. (5-year, admissions through JEE) Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D and Ph. D. degrees. The department has 35 Faculty members, 210 Ph.D students and 110 M Sc. Students. The areas of research include: Single molecule imaging and dynamics, Structural biochemistry, Design, Synthesis and targeting of novel gene-targeting drugs, Asymmetric synthesis and catalysis, new synthetic routes and novel applications for organometallic/coordination compounds for semiconducting, catalytic, medicinal and material applications, new bio-inorganic compounds with unconventional and phototherapeutic attributes, polymers and biomaterials for optoelectronic and electrochemical sensing applications, biologically active organic compounds with varied medicinal applications as also of novel materials with superconducting, photofunctional, catalytic and photosensing properties. Biomolecular chemistry of membranes, peptides, photosensory biology, photomedicine, organized thin films, theoretical/ computational investigation of structure and dynamics of liquids, electron transfer processes in green plant photosynthesis and photodynamic control of chemical reactions, biomolecular thermodynamics, protein folding and ultrafast spectroscopy/dynamics are other areas of active research.


Findings from the investigations in the above mentioned areas are reported in about 125 publications per year in most prestigious journals and have been recognized through many fellowships of INSA, IASc., NASI and SS Bhatnagar, Swarna Jayanti and other awards.


The research facilities available in the department include: several FTIR and UV Spectrophotometers, GC and HPLCs; C,H,N analyser, spectropolarimeter, spectrofluorimeter, TGA/DTA, cyclic voltameter, Faraday magnetic susceptibility balance, powder and single crystal X-Ray diffractometers, 400 MHz NMR facility, Femtosecond fluorescence upconversion facility, QTOF mass spectrometer, peptide sequencer, nano-second / pico-second time resolved ultra-fast setup. PCs and high end workstations with GAUSSIAN, SPARTAN, HYPERCHEM, GAMESS and GROMOS packages are also available within the department.


In addition to institute Scholarships, two Dr. Burjor Godrej Merit Scholarships of Rs. 5000 per month, six Dr. Burjor Godrej Merit cum Means Scholarships of Rs. 2000 per month and ten Prof. M V Pandya Merit cum Means Scholarships of Rs. 1000 per month are available to students admitted to M. Sc. Chemistry programmes at IIT Bombay.


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